Affiliate Marketing Platforms Top 10 Tips Part 2


Affiliate Marketing Platforms Top 10 Tips Part 2

Affiliate Marketing is the activity of earning money from commissions. They are made from products sold by affiliate links. It’s one of the trendiest terms in today’s digital marketing world. This is because – not only is it the easiest source of passive income, but it also requires little effort. But before you get started, you need to learn about the best affiliate marketing platforms. And also about ways to use them. Moreover, since the introduction of the 4-hour work week system, making money by working smart has become everyone’s ultimate goal.

2. Flipkart Affiliate

When it comes to online shopping, most Indians prefer to shop on Flipkart over Amazon. As of now, since the number of people who want to buy from Flipkart is more, it gives Flipkart affiliates an edge over other affiliate marketing platforms. Moreover, adding Flipkart ad banners to your website can help you earn 12% commission every time someone buys from your link. Like Amazon, Flipkart also does not charge any money for registration.

3. VCommission Branch

commission affiliate is one of the oldest affiliate marketing platforms with more than 18,000 affiliate partners. It has become the top leader in India with its CPA offers. CPA refers to cost per action. It tells about all the details and requirements that an affiliate partner must meet during marketing. In addition, the Commission has an extensive network associated with several well-known e-commerce names such as Myntra and Snapdeal. So you can promote a large number of marketing and digital solutions.


4. Confess

Being associated with some major global brands like Samsung and Tata Cliq offers many ways to enter the affiliate marketing industry.
Contextual advertising
Promotional codes
Banner ad

5. coupons

In addition, it also enables content monetization to its publishers. This includes monetizing social media communities and email newsletters. Finally, to withdraw your earnings, you must use at least one of the following methods:
Bank cards

6. DGM

DGM is one of India’s most famous digital advertising networks. Having established its name 12 years ago in the digital marketing industry, it is undoubtedly one of the best affiliate options across India.
You can choose the campaigns you want to work on. In addition to earning commissions, you also get rewarded for exceeding profit expectations. However, you must be aware that not all advertisers will offer you the same fees. On the one hand, some pay only a small amount from their total earnings. Others, on the other hand, can agree on a fixed price. But in both cases you can make a decent income.

7. HostGator

It is one of the most flexible affiliate marketing platforms that allows publishers to create their own coupons. You also get access to easily track affiliate links, making it easy to track your progress. From now on, your chances of earning more money increase with each sale. You can withdraw the payment after 2 months and 10 days of the sale.


8. Shopify Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing for beginners in the Shopify affiliate program is a piece of cake. It is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms, especially if you have no marketing experience. The reason is:

It’s quick to get started
Easy to use
Again, it has branches from all fields including:
Content creators
Top influencers
Therefore, since it is an All-in-One affiliate marketing program, it lives up to its name. By doing this, we provide the right support to Shopify partners to make your work easier. As a result, you can increase traffic and increase public engagement. This should finally achieve more sales. In short, access to learning tools makes Shopify the most versatile among the various affiliate marketing platforms in India.

9. CJ Affiliate

CJ affiliate is another great option for beginners. With 14 branches worldwide, it is one of the top international popular affiliate marketing platforms of 2021.

Key features of CJ affiliate

Cookie-free tracking enables seamless tracking across all devices and environments.
It offers a large number of options. So you can choose the best digital marketing services to promote on your blog. In addition, it partners with leading brands such as GoPro and Office Depot. So you’ll never run out of great deals to offer your audience.
Is affiliate marketing worth it?
Money, money, money – the most important asset and necessity of all time. After all, whether it’s food, shelter or entertainment, you need money for everything. Affiliate marketing platforms are therefore a great money making system. Especially if you want to get into digital marketing and business, this can be a great place to start. Since most top marketers and entrepreneurs do affiliate marketing on the side, it’s definitely worth a try.

This means that you need to prepare your communication skills first to get started. Moreover, good review writing skills are not required, but you will definitely be better than your competitors as an affiliate.
Affiliate Marketer Income Status in India
It starts from Rs. 11,000 and increases to Rs. 26,000. In fact, as you increase your skills and network, you can earn even more.