Bachelors in Engineering : Qualification and Career Paths

Bachelors in Engineering : Qualification and Career Paths

Bachelors in Engineering Qualifications

Graduate chops
Graduates of this field will be suitable to

insure and organize the technological medication of product,
design technological workplaces( design of machines and institutions, material inflow, durability of workplaces and provision of other specialized conditions),
read engineering delineations and design the most effective styles and procedures for fabrication, assembly, assembly and face treatment,
organize, manage and estimate product andpre-production processes,
corroborate new product processes,
apply measures for quality control and specialized testing and cooperate on product quality control,
carry out specialized supervision at workplaces,
check compliance with technological procedures,
apply the company’s profitable and fiscal operation tools,
carry out marketing conditioning,

Bachelors in Engineering

apply directorial decision- making styles to find optimal results to problems,
Estimate, ameliorate and design business processes in diligence( metallurgy, engineering, automotive assiduity),
apply the introductory legal, safety and hygiene rules necessary for the design and operation of engineering enterprises,
use artificial quality control systems,
virtually use the basics of general and business economics,
Break practical problems in the areas concerned,
find, organize and interpret information to break practical problems
use some introductory exploration procedures of the field to the extent necessary to break specific problems in the given areas.

General qualification of the graduate

Graduates of this field are suitable to
Singly and responsibly make opinions within assigned tasks, systems,
defend your work and your views on problem working,
coordinate the platoon’s conditioning and be responsible for their results,
easily epitomize the opinions of other platoon members,
Singly acquire fresh professional knowledge and chops grounded on practical experience,
supplement theoretical knowledge of the field with independent study.

Bachelors in Engineering

Career paths

Graduate employment
Graduates of this specialization will find employment in engineering and engineering departments of other diligence in product medication, development and exploration, as well as technologists, contrivers of product systems, design directors, functional technicians or specialists for quality control and quality operation. In the business and fiscal sphere as specialists assessing the position of technological systems.
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About this institution

Bachelors in Engineering

VŠB- Ostrava University of Technology

VŠB- TUO study programs are erected on a 170- time tradition. presently, nearly eleven thousand undergraduates and graduates are studying at bachelorette’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in engineering, IT, technology, economics and business administration. Courses are handed by seven.

Why study at VŠB- Technical University Ostrava

Studying at VŠB- TUO emphasizes practical tutoring and at the same time examines the real problems of moment’s most ultramodern diligence using the rearmost software and bias. In numerous subjects, 50 of the courses are virtually acquainted, impeccably completing the advanced theoretical tutoring and icing that graduates have the education and experience that employers around the world are looking for. VSB- TUO has strong ties to assiduity and thrives in applied exploration in collaboration with companies and institutions around the world in hunt of innovative results to ultramodern problems.

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