Biomedical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree

Biomedical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelorette’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering integrates engineering principles and design generalities with the medical and natural lores to advance healthcare treatments. Biomedical masterminds are integral to the development and invention of healthcare bias, outfit and computer systems and software, while bridging the gap between engineering and drug.
The University of Mount Union’s Biomedical Engineering major is designed to foster innovative thinking while offering the crucial knowledge to successfully impact this satisfying and high- growth field. Our biomedical engineering faculty at Mount Union is an outstanding group with moxie in the disciplines that make up biomedical engineering, similar as

Biomedical Engineering

Clinical engineering
Rehabilitation Engineering
Physiology of systems
The Biomedical Engineering major resides in the School of Engineering, along with two successful ABET- accredited programs in Engineering and Civil Engineering.

Admission conditions

GPA demand2.5( except for nursing, this demand is3.3)

Knowledge of English( one of the following)
PTE 55

Biomedical Engineering

Program content

tutored by our outstanding engineering faculty with moxie in the numerous areas that make up biomedical engineering, you will begin your undergraduate career with general education courses in chemistry, drugs, math, and an overview of the engineering profession, as well as analysis and design.. During your times at Mount Union, you’ll engage in our dynamic class with a strong focus on real- world operation. You’ll gain hands- on experience through needed transnational assiduity experience as well as a culmination engineering design course.
Literacy and backing

A Mount Union education is accessible to scholars of all backgrounds thanks to the university’s robust education and entitlement immolations. There are several state and civil options to help you, as well as numerous Mount Union awards that are specific to your university career. For further information, visit the Mount Union website.


After completing this program, scholars will graduate with a bachelorette’s degree.
Program results

By the time of scale, Biomedical Engineering scholars will have achieved the following program issues
Principles Capability to identify, formulate and break specialized problems by applying principles of engineering, wisdom and mathematics.
Design The capability to apply the engineering design process to produce results that meet specified requirements with respect to public health and safety and global, artistic, social, environmental, profitable and other factors applicable to the field.
Experimentation Capability to design and conduct applicable trials, dissect and interpret data, and use specialized judgment to draw conclusions.
Communication Capability to communicate effectively with a variety of cult.

Biomedical Engineering

Responsibility Capability to fete ethical and professional responsibility in engineering situations and make informed opinions that must consider the impact of engineering results in a global, profitable, environmental and societal environment.
Learning The capability to fete the ongoing need to acquire new knowledge, choose applicable literacy strategies and apply this knowledge.
Teamwork Capability to serve effectively as a member or leader of a platoon that sets pretensions, plans tasks, meets deadlines, and creates a cooperative and inclusive terrain.
Fundamentals Knowledge of the fundamentals of engineering, wisdom and mathematics and their operations in computer engineering.

Career paths

According to Bureau of Labor statistics, there will be an estimated,800 jobs by 2026. The average median payment in 2017 was$,040. Biomedical engineering is an engineering field that’s likely to see increased demand due to adding technological advancements and operations being applied to medical outfit and bias.

An aging generation of active baby boomers will also increase demand for biomedical procedures and bias. As society begins to realize the advances being made in the biomedical assiduity, further and further people will look to their healthcare providers for these results.

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