Digital Class course seller : How to become ?

Digital Class course seller

Digital Class, we have helped thousands of course merchandisers produce and vend online courses. You can use this platform to produce/ list your course content and partake your knowledge by dealing it to scholars around the world.

Whether you have videotape content created or need help creating your course for the first time, we’re always then to help you produce a more course. thus, first register as a schoolteacher( course dealer).
We’ll always help you partake your knowledge with scholars and give implicit reach to millions of scholars. So we will grow together by perfecting educational styles through literacy styles.

Then is an overview of how to come a successful course dealer on Digital Class.

Digital Class

Plan to Produce a Digital Class Course

You must plan your course when you start creating your first course. To do this, you need to have previous knowledge of your course that you’re creating for.

Then are some way to plan your course

Decide on a course content. You can educate any subject and in any language.

produce a course for applicable scholars. It’s important to know who you’re creating the course for. produce a course for an followership related to the content.

Record the course. Decide what your course is each about, the syllabus, course motifs and also upload all the course vids. Place your course on the digital classroom.

Digital Class

Produce or list your Digital Class Course

Upload your course content by creating or listing features and follow the recommended way from launch to finish. First, let’s clarify what a produce course is and what a list course is.

produce a course. produce Course means creating your course for trade on the Digital ClassMarketplace.However, you can add the course to Digital Class, If you have prepared course vids. scholars can view, buy and learn your course in the Digital Class Application & Website.
List of courses. Listing the course you have in mind, you can list your course then only to display or drive business to your website app or course wharf runner. druggies can only view your course details, but can not buy or learn on Digital Class. When they come to your course runner, they will be diverted to your platform( website/ app/ wharf runner or the platform you have placed your course on) to buy and learn.

So you can educate and vend your course from your platform by listing your course details only on the Digital Class Marketplace.

Digital Class

Publish your Course

This time you’ll be nearly accessible!

You have created/ listed your course and submitted each course details. Your course will remain in DRAFT until you publish it.

After creating listing the course and adding all the course details as over, once you click on PUBLISH COURSE, it’ll be sitting in the review section. The Digital Class platoon will review your course details and sample assignment and give you feedback if demanded. You’ll make changes as directed by the Digital Class platoon and also publish them on our platform.

Come a course dealer moment! Get Started.

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