Educational Marketplace Why to Sell Courses ?

Educational Marketplace

Educational Marketplace¬† : Even if you don’t know what Marketplace is, you may have heard of some successful platforms. Have you ever brought something or used the services of online marketplaces Amazon and Alibaba??

Marketplace brings together different sellers, wholesalers and retailers, so you can order several types of services at the same time.

Therefore, online marketplaces/platforms make the buying process easier for both sellers and buyers.

So what is an online education marketplace?

Why should I join an online marketplace?

How do sellers and buyers connect with each other? And how do they benefit from such an online marketplace or platform?

So in this article we will provide you the solution to your queries and all types of questions.

Educational Marketplace

Introduction of an online education market

Education is the key to life and the core of all things. It’s not just about gathering all types of knowledge. Education leads you to become a part of society.

Gone are the days when only textbooks and traditional classrooms were used. Currently, we are all part of the new generation controlled technology.

E-learning sought to bring students, lecturers, experts, practitioners and other interest groups to one place. So there is a good practice of sharing knowledge through various online platforms. This is important nowadays because the competition is growing and the world is also growing. Thus, quick information helps in the better growth of an individual.

The size of the online education market is growing so rapidly. disbelieve? India’s education market is currently worth 5.9 trillion rupees. And India’s online education market is set to grow to $1.96 billion and around 9.6 million users by 2021.

In India, the growth of online education will be driven by a combination of demand, supply and macroeconomic factors.

Refresher and online certification courses currently represent a significant portion of the online education market in India with a share of 38%. At the same time, online test preparation is expected to be the fastest growing category of online education.

To keep up with the fast pace of the business world, it is essential to improve and strengthen the education industry.

Educational Marketplace

Marketplace in educational settings

Marketplace in the educational sense is a platform where teachers can come together to post and sell their products/courses and provide services (courses, video lectures) to their students.

The role of the Marketplace owner is to connect and bring teachers and students together. This way teachers can get the right platform to SELL their courses and students can get the right teachers.

All marketing and operations are performed and managed by the company that owns the website/app.

There is so much to think about when running your own website/app, e.g.

Digital marketing
Web administration
Social media management
Content writing
Performance monitoring and reporting
Internet advertising
Troubleshooting and much more.
In contrast, in the market the main objective is simply to offer the best platform to teachers, you tubers, home tutors, training institutes, online education providers, students who want to teach and want to promote their skills; and they can also sell their courses.

Learnable is another online education marketplace launched by Australian company Sitepoint to allow users to learn new courses ranging from skill-based to technology-based topics.

In India, Digital Class is India’s first online education marketplace for selling, buying and teaching courses online.

Educational Marketplace

About the digital classroom

Here anyone can publish and sell their courses by creating/listing them and students can shop all types of courses by comparing instructor profile, fees, discounts and other features using pre-filtering option.

Digital Classroom easily connects teachers and students to the best learning app.

Digital Classroom – e-learning app and marketplace for selling, buying and learning courses online Download the app from the Play Store!

Digital Class is an online learning platform that allows teachers to build a community around the world to provide learning to students in an interactive way.

At Digital Class, students can choose teachers from a large number of quality teachers and students can easily determine the best course.

Here Anyone with mastery skills can sell their online courses and who already have their own website/app, course selling companies, teachers, faculty and coaching institutes, YouTubers, home tutors etc can also add their course on Digital Class App for sale .

Just register as a teacher (course seller) and set up an account.

For more information, visit

Teachers can publish and sell their courses and students can learn the following courses in the best online learning app from the best, professional and experienced teachers from the categories below:

IT and computers
Accounts and Finance
Business marketing, management and development
Personality development
Dance music
Designing and editing
Teaching and academic
UPSC Competitive Exams/ Civil Service Exam
Yoga and fitness trainer
Arts and crafts and many more

Benefits of e-learning digital classroom market for teachers

Add your course for Sales with your brand name
Teach and sell any course in any language
You don’t need to create an app/website
Assign a personal support manager
Graphics and video editing support
Privacy and security of your course
Second source of income
Take your brand from local to global
Get a referral code to earn extra income
Generate a promo code for students to bid on
Decide on course prices and offers
Digital Class E-Learning Marketplace always strive to provide the best opportunities for teachers (Course Sellers) by providing a global platform to teach students worldwide and help students reach expert, qualified and experienced teachers worldwide.

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