Google Assistant Some Basic Details

Google Assistant How to download ?

Google Assistant : By the way, this app is generally installed by default on everyone’s phone. If you don’t already have this app on your phone, you can install it using these steps.

Step 1 – To install this app first you need to go to play store of your phone, after you go there you will see search button on the top.
Step 2 – You will have to search for “Google Assistant” in the Play Store search button after which a list of many apps will open in front of you. From these lists, Google Assistant will need to be identified and installed.
Step 3 – After installing this app on your mobile you can use this app.

Google Assistant

Does your phone use Google Assistant?

What are the requirements to run Google Assistant on your phone,

To run Google Assistant on your phone, your phone should have at least 1.5GB of RAM (Random Access Memory) and your phone’s processor should also be good.

Your phone should have a resolution higher than 720P for Google Assistant.

To run Google Assistant, you must have Android 6+ or higher on your phone, only then this app will run on your phone.

How to use Google Assistant?

Once you install Google Assistant on your phone, open the app on your phone. When you open this app on your mobile, this app will show “Tap to Search. When you click on it, anything you say in it will appear openly in front of you.

It is very fun to use this app. Whatever you say in this, you will get a reply within a second. How good it is, whatever you say, you will get an answer just by talking.

Google Assistant

Features of the Google Assistant app

Some features of Google Assistant are so great that they give you a great experience.

Translate text into multiple languages ​​– The most amazing feature of Google Assistance is that it makes it easy to understand your language and answer your questions. If you tell Google something, it will translate it into any other language. How easy it is to translate your answers into another language.

Find Services Nearby – Use this Google Assistant feature to search for any store, restaurant, or hotel near you. To do this, you only need to tell this application about your information that you want. Then this app will bring you all this information.

Traffic Update – If you have to go somewhere and are worried about where to go, then this Google feature will be very beneficial for you. This app will even tell you what the traffic is like on which road.

Google Assistant is a product of Google itself. This application was used to make better use of Google Android. The history of this app is not very old, the world heard about the new and updated version of this app in 2011, after that this app became very popular.

Google Assistant


As we told you through this article, you can get your work done by talking to this tool. This is why many people also ask Google what is my name? Yes and that’s right, it will recognize the name of the email id from which your mobile is logged in.

This article told you about the most amazing feature of Google, Google Assistant, what is Google Assistant. This is such an application with the help of which you can get an answer to any of your questions and that too in a very quick manner.

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