How To Register Company in India Part 1

How to register a company in India

Register Company : New business and new companies are coming in India which is making double day and night quadruple progress that’s why everyone says that money is in business and business is not for everyone. And people still take risks and move on And start your own idea business, that’s why it’s a small right, but starting a company is a good choice, because when you think about how to expand your business in the future, it’s very important to have a company, and that’s why in in this article we will tell you how you can start your company with a complete case study.

Online Company Registration – Before starting any business it is necessary to do some work related to World Trade Organization (WTO) said few steps to start a new company with business in India to start your own company in India. You can register by following them, its complete information is given in this article.

Register Company

Creating a DIN number

Director Identification Number (DIN) The beginning of every company starts with the creation of DIN, it takes about 1 to 2 days to produce the DIN, for this there is also a fee of Rs.500, for this you can visit the website of the company Ministry of Corporate Affairs www. You can apply for a DIN number at where you will get a form with complete information about it.

DIN number helps to identify the director of any company i.e. the owner of the company, after making it the director has all the rights of that company, he can take any legal decision about the company, any person in India If you want to start your own company, the first step is to create a DIN number .

Creating a digital signature

After entering the DIN number in your company registration, you have to do a digital signature for which a fee ranging from Rs.400 to Rs.2700 is charged. A digital signature is a digital signature of a manually created signature. It will help to do any work faster, its work is done in government e-forms or tax related work, it is also called DSE number in short, you can apply for it online or you can ask your chartered accountant. can speak

Register Company

Get your company name registered

Just as our name is our identity, so our company’s identity is its name, so you need to choose the company name first, remember that the company name should be like some brand, it helps to become a brand in the growing business of the company. And your company name should not be mixed with any other company, for this you also need Ministry of Corporate Affairs, for this you have to pay a fee of 1000 rupees.

After registering the company name, you will also need to produce a company rubber stamp to help you with the paperwork, any document related to the business, you will need this rubber stamp.

Register Company

Get MOA and AOA company name registration

Memorandum of Association or Articles of Association, both are very helpful in registering your company. You can get complete information.

Fill out the E-form for company incorporation

Company registration also plays a big role, for this you will also need the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, if one starts a business under a single person (OPC), they have to fill INC-2 form. And for any other company form INC-7 must be filled.

Fill Stamp Duty Pay – Register Company in India

When you fill the Incorporation E-form, whether it is INC-2 or NC-7 form, you have to pay stamp duty for it, you can pay it online, fill the Incorporation E-form and then you have to Pay Stamp You get this option on Duty through MC21 system .


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