Learn French How long does it take to ?

Learn French How long does it take to ?

Learn French : People who are planning a trip to Paris or are going to further study or work in France may want to learn French. So you’ve been thinking about mastering French as quickly as possible. But do you know how much time it takes to learn it?

Well, there are many factors that affect the time. First, it is a complex process to learn a new language. Second, how quickly you can grasp a language, its grammar and terms can vary from person to person.

Here, let’s look at the main factors that determine how quickly you will master French.

Learn French

Previous experience in learning a new language

People who know or speak multiple foreign languages ​​or are bilingual may take less time to learn French, according to various studies. It is also easy for them to achieve fluency. They can quickly develop skills in one language if they have one in the other.

If you know the initial step of learning a language or how a language is formed, things will go quite smoothly. You need to understand the unique linguistic aspects that a language has.

Also, those who are good at memorizing vocabulary and want to learn the language through sounds can learn French faster.

Learn French : Learning method

Fast learning also depends on the chosen method. If you are learning French in a classroom, it may take you longer to learn. However, if you also learn through digital platforms that have French courses, you can learn in less time. There are many options you can try, such as listening to e-books or audiobooks, watching French movies, reading books, traveling to a French-speaking country, writing, and more. All of these steps can improve your learning and thus speed up the process.

Learn French

Time you can spend Learn French

This part is quite crucial and related to the method you follow. If you plan to learn a basic level of French, spend at least 15 minutes a day.

However, if you want to master it, you need to devote more time to it.

According to the study, learning French takes time

3-6 months. Those who speak English or similar languages ​​will spend 3 hours studying.
1 year. Those who are able to spend 1 hour a day for a year learning French.
2-3 years. Those who can spend 15 minutes a day studying French.

Your enthusiasm and approach to learning French

It is true that you need motivation and a positive attitude to learn a new language. Those who achieve success in learning French are those who always stay motivated to learn new languages. This makes learning fast and you are eager to complete different levels of learning. You need to constantly remind yourself how learning French will improve your life or how it will help you in your future plans. Also, even if you fail at times, you need to stay positive while learning.

Learn French

A language you are aware of

You may find them different but still similar if they have the same roots. If the language you want to learn is the same as your native language, you can save a lot of time. This is because when you are learning a language, the main areas are grammar, vocabulary, alphabet and pronunciation.

The basis of English is Latin, so you can learn any language that has the same basis as French. Also, many such European languages ​​share the same development and history as English.

You need to know a few French words before you start learning them. These words are called related words. If you know English or Spanish, these related languages ​​will help you learn French faster. For example, attention and direction exist in French, whose final alphabets are similar but have different pronunciations.

These relatives are your friends and can make learning French much easier and faster.

Final remarks

It must be clear to you from above how long it takes to learn French. But the fact is that you can never stop learning French if you want to use it while traveling or settling in Paris. Language learning continues. This is because you learn something new every day. Learning a language takes practice. You can’t stop in between, or if you did, you can start over. It also depends on how interested and motivated you are to learn French.

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