LIVE Location : How Find Your Location

LIVE Location : How to find a location

LIVE Location : Below we will tell you different ways to find your current location:

With the help of Google Maps:

Many people find their location from Google app, sometimes people go to another country and if they don’t know the address of that country, they search the location of that country through Google Map. And then reach this state according to the location given by Google Map.

To find your location from Google Maps, you must first go to a website or use an app that is already present on your phone.

After opening it, a blue GPS symbol will appear in the corner. Once you touch it, you will see the location along with the names of the places around it.

LIVE Location

Find LIVE Location from WhatsApp:

To find location from WhatsApp you need to do the following steps:-

You can open WhatsApp chat of any person and you can share your location.

Then click on the option with the file attachment displayed.
Once you click on the attachment icon, many options will appear in which you have to click on the option showing the location.

Once you click on a place, some options will appear in which you have to click on the place you see live. You can then share your location.

Thanks to this, you will know not only the person in front, but also your location.

LIVE Location from the train station:

If you’re traveling by rail and want to know where you are right now, there are two ways to find out. The train often stops for short periods at various stations, there are boards. You can tell where you are by the name written.

LIVE Location

Another way is if you want to know the location of the train you need to know the train number only then you will be able to find the location of the train.

If you don’t have the train number, you can get that train number from Google, you will be able to find the location of that train from the train number itself.

If you want to know the location of the train, you must first go to the Chrome browser on your phone.

Once you open the Chrome browser, you will need to search by typing the train status.
Once you search by typing train status in chrome browser, you will see many links where you have to go to this website

Once you click on the website, a home page will open where you will have to enter the train number and the date you will travel by train.

Then click Get Running Status.

After doing all these steps, you will see all the details of that train like what is the name of that train?, where is that train currently located? And at which station does the train stop now? And where will this train go from?

You get all this information during these activities, so you can check your location even while sitting on the train.

LIVE Location

You know your LIVE Location from the location board

You must have seen the green or blue boards along the way, on which is written every location located in the distance. And what state or district you are in is also written in big letters on the board. For example, if you are in Ranchi, type here, a board will appear that says “Welcome to Ranchi”.

Somewhere instead of a plate, there are also milestones. On which is written the name of the place, or the name of the place which is in front, together with its distance.

How to find location from nearby store?
If you want to see your location from a nearby store, you can find out by reading the address written under the poster near the store.

Each store has its own poster, under which is written the name of the place. If you want to know the location of a nearby store, you can find out by reading the address written on the poster.

When people go somewhere else and don’t know the location or area there, they often read the address written on the poster above the shop and know the name of the area and related information. An address written on a poster in a shop makes it easy for many travelers to find out about a place.

When there was no internet, people knew the location by reading the address written like this, but since the internet capabilities came, people mostly find the location through the net.

But there are still many people who go somewhere where the area is not known, then they often find out by the address written on the shop posters.

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