MHA vs MBA : Which One is Better

MHA vs MBA: Which One is Better

MHA vs MBA : Management has become one of the most sought-after fields of study. Be it the corporate sector, the fashion industry or hospitals, management graduates are always asked to handle different departments and processes in different sectors. While MBA graduates mostly fill vacancies at top business firms, hospitals tend to prefer individuals with higher qualifications in hospital administration or healthcare management, such as an MHA degree. Although both degrees can help you land a job in management, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the structure and career scope of these courses before deciding which one to pursue. This blog explores the main differences between an MHA and an MBA to help you make an informed decision.

What is MHA?

The Master of Health Administration is a 2-year postgraduate degree that allows beginning students to comprehensively acquire the knowledge and skills needed to build a career in healthcare management and administration. The MHA course prepares students to map out plans and steps to meet the ever-growing challenges in healthcare. In this course, students will learn the necessary skills to probe and analyze various issues that may impact the healthcare industry at any point in the future.

What is an MBA?

The Master of Business Administration or MBA is a globally recognized management program offered in a wide range of specializations, especially interdisciplinary ones such as financial management, entrepreneurship, information technology, fashion management to name a few. Due to the growing specialized MBA courses, the scope of MBA has widened as it is not limited to the business and corporate world. MBA degrees primarily focus on core subjects such as finance, accounting, marketing, hospitality and economics. It is one of the best globally recognized master’s degrees in management with over 2000 different options on offer!

Regarding the difference between MHA vs MBA, you can also opt for MBA in Hospital Administration or MBA in Healthcare Management if you want to pursue a global degree like MBA with this specialization. The MHA is that the MBA focuses more on the diverse aspects of management in the context of the healthcare sector, while the MHA provides students with a holistic understanding of the healthcare industry, including management, hospital support services, medicine. Human Terminology and Physiology, Hospital Environment and Healthcare, BioStat, Hospital Quality Management, Hospital Engineering and Planning, Hospital Information Systems Management and so on.


MHA vs MBA: Which One is Better?

When it comes to postgraduate courses, MBA and MHA are good options. A candidate who wishes to work in the healthcare sector should complete either an MHA or an MBA with a concentration in hospital administration. However, applicants with a medical background may consider the MBA General Management degree. After completing MBBS, some healthcare professionals choose to pursue an MBA to learn about management in the healthcare sector and take up leadership positions in leading hospitals or hospital networks. MBA and MHA programs are also useful for any doctor who wants to open his own hospital or clinic. The decision between these two courses and which is superior can only be made on an individual level. The table below will help applicants who are having difficulty choosing between the two courses.

MHA vs MBA: Best Universities

The table below lists the most reputable and top ranked universities from around the world for MHA and MBA programs.

Universities with top MHA programs

Johns Hopkins University
University of North Carolina
Harvard University
Georgetown University
University of Barcelona
University of Southern California
University of Michigan
University of Washington
Hofstra University
Virginia Commonwealth University

Universities with top MBA programs

Stanford Graduate School of Business
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard University
HEC Paris
London Business School
Columbia University
IE Business School
University of California at Berkeley


MHA vs MBA: Eligibility Criteria

Both these courses are very useful and constantly witness a large number of applicants. If you are interested in either of these courses and are ambitious in building a career in management, it is important that you are aware of the different entry requirements for both of these programmes. Check the general eligibility requirements for MHA vs MBA:


A bachelor’s degree in any relevant field of study is a minimum qualification.

Admission to MHA course is done directly by universities either through entrance exams or on the basis of merit. Students who wish to take a course abroad must also pass the GRE.

Some universities may ask for previous work experience in healthcare administrative positions, although this is not mandatory.

You will also need valid scores in English language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL along with Letters of Recommendation (LOR) and Statement of Purpose (SOP) to secure admission to any university abroad.


An MBA can be studied after completing a bachelor’s degree in any field.

There are various national and international level entrance exams that are conducted for admission to MBA programs. These include CAT and CMAT, GMAT or GRE, among others.

Similar to the MHA, many business schools and universities prefer applicants with a minimum of 2 years of work experience, although this is not mandatory.

A valid score in IELTS, TOEFL or any other recognized English proficiency test along with LORs and SOPs is required for studying MBA abroad.

MHA vs MBA: Career prospects and salary

Both MHA and MBA offer students a wide range of opportunities. They are generally lucrative and offer a financially secure career. Let’s take a look at the various jobs you can choose after completing these courses:


As is clear, MHA is a vocational school that specializes in the field of healthcare administration. An MHA degree is ideal for a candidate who wants to work in hospital administration, but it will be of little use if they want to work in any other field. However, it has a more specialized curriculum and thus produces students with a higher level of skill. Below are the most popular job prospects for post MHA recruitment:

Medical Records Management Specialist
Inspector of medical facilities
Hospital administrator
Health analyst
Healthcare auditor
Health advisor
Health Services Manager
According to the BLS, the median salary in health administration is currently around $84,000 (INR 62.5 million annually), with the top 10% earning up to $144,000 (INR 1.07 million). With an MHA degree, you can start earning between $40,000 and $60,000 (INR 29-44 lakhs), depending on your career path in healthcare.


The MBA is an internationally recognized program that leads to professional prospects in various industries. Candidates with an MBA degree can be a suitable partner in various industries. Career options after an MBA can vary depending on the MBA concentration pursued. Some of the most important job opportunities for MBA graduates include:

Investment banker
Bank manager
Human resources manager
operations manager
Marketing Manager
Human resources manager
Public Relations Officer/Manager
Brand Manager
Business analyst
Head of Business Development
Chief Executive Officer
Vice President
Financial manager
Chief Financial Officer

An MBA is a proven path to a six-figure salary, with many corporate leaders earning significantly more. After completing an MBA course, students are expected to earn around 5-10 Lakhs per annum as starting salary in India. Salary or income will definitely be better if students plan their career abroad in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. (INR 15-25 lakhs on average and even more) Having said that the salary is also believed to be increased considering the number of work experience and skills required in the industry (up to INR 60 lakhs per annum). Also, the median salary in healthcare administration is currently $99,000 (INR 73,68,322).


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