Motherboard : The main factors Full Details

Motherboard The main factors 

Motherboard are also made up of colorful corridor that you know you can do small computer related effects yourself. So let’s know how numerous corridor are in it.

Power connectors

It has a power connector for powering the central processing unit and other factors.

CPU socket

You must know that there’s a processor in the computer, according to its capacity the speed of the computer runs. The CPU socket itself helps to seat the processor into the motherboard. This means that you had to understand that the CPU connects to a socket to connect to the motherboard. There are numerous legs on the socket at the bottom of the motherboard that act as connectors. It supplies electricity to the processor. In addition, it transfers data to other computercomponents.However, you can not do it in this socket, If you ever want to upgrade the processor. To do this, you also need to know the different types of sockets. Pentium( P1, P2, MMX), AMD K5/ K6 Socket 370 Pentium 3 Processor, Intel Celeron Processor Socket 7775 Intel Dual Core, P4, Xeon Processor Socket 1156 Intel i3, i5, i7 Processor Socket i73066
Input/ Affair Anchorages
Generally, the input and affair anchorages are on the reverse of the computer case. I/ O anchorages are generally available for connecting observers, printers, keyboards, speakers, microphones, Internet/ network lines, and numerous USB factors.



The full form of BIOS is” introductory Input Affair System”( Basic Input Affair System), it’s also a element installed on the motherboard, which has the form of an intertwined chip. All its information and settings are stored in the memoirs. You can change the settings by entering the memoirs mode.

CMOS battery

The full form of CMOS is” reciprocal Essence OxideSemi-Conductor”. This is a battery that’s a3.0 V lithium cell.

RAM( memory) places

Each motherboard can have further than one RAM installation niche. This niche is close to the CPU niche. RAM is, in a way, the most important part of the motherboard, also known as Random access memory. It’s also callednon-volatile memory, it’s also a kind of temporary memory. These help in running theapplication.However, also the operation will run veritably easily, If the processor is fast and its RAM capacity is veritably high.

IDE connector

Integrated Drive Electronics, also shortened as IDE, is used to connect hard drives to the motherboard.

SATA connector

The full form of SATA is periodical Advanced Technology Attachment. These are new types of connectors that have a 7- leg interface. Used to connect SATA hard fragment and optic fragment. They’re briskly and more than IDE connectors.

Expansion card places

Expansion card places are used whenever you need to add a new element to the motherboard or upgrade a element. An expansion niche helps when connecting an external card.


Storage device connectors

Although we use hard drives, optic drives and droopy drives in computers, but with this we also use some other external storehouse bias to store data and latterly or in other computers. use that data. For this we also need to connect this external storehouse device to the motherboard. Each motherboard has at least 2 connectors for storehouse bias.


One of the most important corridor of the motherboard is the coprocessor. It is, in a way, an adjunct to the main processor, which fulfills the part of fine computations and computer plates.

USB harborage

Each motherboard has a USB harborage, so we can connect external and storehouse bias similar as flash drives, printers.

PS/ 2 connector

This harborage is used to connect a keyboard and mouse.

Game harborage

We use gaming anchorages to connect all types of gaming bias.
Resemblant or LPT harborage
The resemblant harborage is used to connect the scanner and printer.

Sound card connectors

This harborage is veritably important for connecting audio bias similar as speakers and microphones.


Display connector

With this, we will connect the computer examiner to the motherboard.

COM( communication) harborage

We use this harborage to connect bias like mouse and modem.
Computer motherboard features in hindi

Computer circuit

The motherboard is the main circuit board of the computer, in which all the circuit boards and factors important to the operation of the computer are held together. Paths are created in the circuit of the motherboard, in which electricity flows and at the same time data is transferred from one element to another.

Element mecca

The primary function of the motherboard is to act as the base on which the computer factors are installed. It’s like a mecca where all the corridor of the computer come and connect to each other, similar as the central processing unit( CPU), plates card, and system memory( RAM).

Data business

The motherboard acts as a communication center. It controls the operation of all data information inside the computer system using the motherboard chipset. The motherboard chipset directs the inflow of data to the element as needed.


The motherboard enables every input and affair device of the computer system to serve. This increases the computer’s capability to complete numerous tasks. These bias include printers, keyboards, game regulators, external hard drives, and audio jacks. To connect these bias to the computer, we connect them directly from the anchorages, sockets, connectors of the motherboard.


The motherboard has erected- in RAM( Read Only Memory) and is different from the RAM that contains the computer’s introductory Input/ Affair System( memoirs). Its most important task is to control the charge process of the computer. This means that when we turn on the power of our computer, also the memoirs itself completes the process of booting up our computer system.

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