Motherboard : What is and history?


Motherboard is one of the most important corridor of a computer. The factors of a computer system are also the input and affair bias that are connected to the CPU( Central Processing Unit) and the computer’s memory, which is held together by the motherboard. It also carries current to all corridor so they can do their job.

What’s a motherboard? You must have heard this ahead. Because indeed winning people use computers or take computer courses, they know their stuff. You may not realize it yet. And if you want to know about it, also then I’ll tell you what’s motherboard. Just as a mama has numerous children, she keeps them all connected, just as a motherboard holds all the corridor of a computer system together. That is why it’s called a motherboard. triumphs are also computer factors, everyone’s job is different, but they only work when connected to the motherboard .However, it can not work, If it isn’t connected to it.


The motherboard is the main published circuit board( PCB) of every computer. It’s also known by colorful names like Motherboard, Main Circuit Board, etc. Just as every element needs to be connected to the motherboard, likewise it can not serve on its own without some corridor. So, every similar important information which is related to the motherboard, we will know it through this post and talk about it in detail. What’s a motherboard? You’ll also be curious about the motherboard, also you know its history and how it works.

What’s a Motherboard?

Just as land is demanded to make a house, every part of a computer needs a base, known as a motherboard. This is the mecca where all the corridor of the computer are located. I’ve formerly said that the main board of the computer is the PCB( published Circuit Board) which connects other corridor like hard fragment, CPU, RAM, plates card, television card. also it works, it also provides them with the right electricity.


The base plate is made of a veritably strong plastic film, which is an insulator, i.e. a poor captain of electricity. A thin subcaste of bobby or aluminum antipode is published on this distance, which we can see as a mark. These marks are veritably narrow and form the peripheries for the colorful corridor. In addition to these circuits, there are numerous sockets and places on the motherboard that are used to connect all the other corridor.

Motherboard history

The motherboard that’s installed in the computers we use moment has evolved a lot. Computer motherboards used in the early days were relatively different from moment’s motherboards. It came to us after a long trip and a lot has changed in it. So let’s get acquainted with the history of the computer motherboard.

In 1984, IBM came up with the advanced technology that gave birth to moment’s computer system. Due to its advanced technology, it has come veritably popular and has surfaced as a standard motherboard that’s suitable for all types of desktops.
Gigabyte was born in 1986 and was created by Ye Pei Cheng from Taiwan.
In 1987, Elite Group came the world’s largest manufacturer of ECS motherboards.
In 1989, a small company called Pegasus was innovated by ACER in Taiwan, which latterly came the world’s largest manufacturer of motherboards.


Intel developed PAGA in 1993, the full form of which is Plastic Leg Grid Array. Contributed to the packaging of integrated circuits.
The ATX form was released after the AT in 1995. It was brought about by correcting the failings of advanced technology.
Intel itself started producing motherboards on its own this time. Likewise, its character was veritably good and thus it didn’t take important time to establish itself in the request.
In 1998, Micro ATX boards were produced, which were half the size of ATX boards.
ITX motherboards were made in 2001 which used to be veritably small.
In 2005, Intel expanded the balance technology again.
In 2007, ASUS Tek came the world’s largest manufacturer of computer motherboards.
The mobile ITX board was produced in 2009. ITX was the lowest size of the motherboard, the size of which was 60 * 60MM.

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