MS-DOS What is and Full Details

MS-DOS What is and Full Details

MS-DOS : Scholars studying in academy, council or any computer institute learn about lozenge in computer subject but other people learn about it. noway mind, moment you have tried to know what’s MS- DOS charge and how to learn MS- DOS, also your want will come true with this post.

When one joins an institute to learn computer, the most introductory course is available at DCA to learn MS- DOS. Although its interface is fully black, it’s relatively important because we’ve to use commands in this bone .
We can fluently perform numerous tasks through MS- DOS commands. Indeed moment, people occasionally need it.

moment, MS- DOS isn’t used, but some druggies still use its command shell, which is also called the Windows command line. utmost people prefer to work in Microsoft Windows using only the mouse. While commands are used to work in MS- DOS. therefore, commands are entered and work only by codifying textbook, the mouse doesn’t work in this case.


What’s MS- DOS?

The full form of MS- DOS is the Microsoft Disk Operating System. It’s an operating system developed by Microsoft that uses thex-86 processor. The first Microsoft Windows operating system that ran only on MS- DOS. Indeed moment, the Windows operating system supports DOS. It’s an operating system grounded on the command line, in which all commands are entered in textbook form, there’s no graphical stoner interface.

MS- DOS is the most generally used member of the fragment operating system family.

This operating system was the main choice in the IBM PC compatible computer system in the 1980s- 1990s. Over time, DOS was replaced by a graphical stoner interface similar as the Windows operating system.

It’s a single- stoner, single- task computer operating system. It has been the most successful operating system to date because it’s veritably simple and small in size.

Who constructed MS- DOS?

MS- DOS was originally called 86- DOS.
It was written by Tim Peterson, who’s also called her father.
86- DOS was bought by Microsoft for$,000 and also released with the IBM PC as MS- DOS1.0 in 1982.


Advantages of MS-DOS

MS-DOS was the most widely used operating system between the 1980s and 1990s.

Such an operating system that the assembly does not like, but it was the most used and best selling.

This greatly contributed to Microsoft’s market position in 1990. So let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

It is such an operating system that works even in systems with a small capacity.
The entire OS can be stored in a single modern RAM chip.
In this the BIOS is accessed very easily.
It provides the ability to directly control the process.
It’s size is very less so it starts much faster than any windows operating system.
It is very easy to write a special program, no matter how long the program is, because it has no graphics.
DOS is very lightweight and therefore provides direct access to hardware.
It’s a single-user operating system, so it doesn’t have the overhead of multitasking.

Disadvantages of MS-DOS

Multitasking is not supported here. In this case, you can only work on one application at a time.
When the memory is to be addressed above 640 MB, then it is difficult to access the memory.
Whenever there is an interrupt in the hardware, it has to handle itself.
This is a single user operating system. In this case, only one user can work at a time.


How to learn MS DOS?

When you join any computer institute, definitely do DCA course, in this basic computer related course there is leadership.

In this course you will learn MS-DOS, it mainly consists of commands.

Knowing these commands will make you very good at it.

Apart from that, you can also learn MS-DOS by watching YouTube videos.

You don’t have to go anywhere for it. There are many tutorials available on YouTube.

In a nutshell

Although the use of this disk operating system is rare these days, you will definitely get it in the form of the command line of your operating system.

Those who go to do computer courses are not only familiar with MS-DOS, but knowledge of its commands is definitely a given. It remains hidden in a way, but continues to do its job.

How did you like this post What is MS-DOS? In this post we also learned what are the advantages and disadvantages of MS-DOS. In this post, we also told you how to learn MS-DOS.

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