Online Teaching How to Improve The Samurai Way

Online Teaching

Online Teaching : In recent days, the mode of teaching has shifted to online coaching. Teachers and students around the world have sought to adapt and improve online learning. In most cases, with advanced support and guidance, everything went smoothly, while some experienced difficulties in learning this way.

Schools, coaching institutes, colleges for personal coaching used online platform which included scanned worksheets or study materials. Technology has played a big role in redefining online education.

Also, teaching online requires different methods than the traditional classroom.

So it is very important and necessary that all teachers and faculties related to teaching improve their skills to make their teaching effective and engaging for students.

Here are some effective suggestions to improve online courses, and incorporating these online learning practices will make eLearning great for both you and your students.

Online Teaching

Make online courses more interactive

Teach and interact with students in online classrooms in a way that makes their learning smooth and easy.

Faculty of education must focus as much as possible on interaction with students so that they feel that they are studying in an offline classroom.

To make online courses more interactive, you can conduct activities that involve interacting with students, asking questions and solving their doubts.

Try engaging students online

In offline classes, the interaction between students and the teacher is smooth with the physical presence of both in the classroom.

Therefore, it is important to create a virtual presence in online courses as well. Teachers must engage and support/guide students from the start and throughout the duration of the course.

By detecting their presence, students will know that you are visible and available.

Try to involve students as much as possible by solving their doubts, asking questions, involving students with other students and other ways.

Prefer recording a lecture over streaming

To improve online learning, we recommend that teachers record their lectures instead of streaming them online.

If the student is facing bad or failing internet connection, he/she will miss the live lecture which will be a loss for the student. If the lecture is in a recorded video, students can play it whenever they want.

Online Teaching

Instructor/Teacher must show face

Instead of teaching students online using slides, diagrams, and in a simple form of narration without showing the face of the teacher or instructor, we encourage them to show their face in online lecture videos.

By displaying the face of the instructor or teacher, it makes it more interactive and effective, thus improving online learning.

Keep videos short

We recommend that to improve online teaching, teachers and instructors must record short videos of 15 minutes instead of recording lectures of 1 hour or more than 1 hour.

Longer videos can lead to the problem of slow uploads and student distraction. If the lecture is 1 hour or more, we recommend uploading two or three short videos.

Some effective tips for online learning

Create a short and personal video for each student.
Have fun with emoticons and GIFs that show you and your student care.
Establishing ways to show appreciation or that a student has done a good job. For example, during a live class, this could include setting up a system for other students to turn up the volume and clap at the end of the presentation. Make sure students know how to use a tool on your platform to express a reaction or a silent clap.
Use the tool or any app to get real-time student input and reactions.
Launch of live show and tell sessions.
Setting up a time each week where students can just connect and chat.
Consider starting your class with some upbeat music, even if it’s done remotely!
Start classes a little earlier to allow students to socialize.
Consider creating a few short questions before and after the survey and compare the answers. A meaningful poll can lead to good discussion and sharing of ideas.
Create a notebook or checklist to help students stay on track during class and let them know what they should document.
Occasionally, ask students to use emoticons to respond to how they feel about what they just learned.
Add some fun/funny content to encourage fun and laughter.
Set aside time for separate rooms so that students can more easily communicate and/or do group work.
Encourage students to ask questions either in chat or in another space such as an online notebook or document.

Online Teaching

List of online courses

There are several online courses available on the internet related to science, art, photography, teaching, design, computer, psychology and more. List Below of online courses :

Searching for purpose and meaning in life
Understanding medical research
Japanese for beginners
Introduction to cloud computing
The basics of mindfulness
Basics of finance
Machine learning
Machine learning with Sas Viya
The science of well-being
Covid-19 contact tracing
AI for everyone
Financial market
Introduction to Psychology
Getting started with AWS
International marketing
Predictive analytics and data mining
UCSD Teaching How to Learn
Michigan programming for everyone
JHU R Programming
Google CBRS CPI Training

List of Learning applications

Below is a list of some learning apps that are free and provide good learning. Some apps help you prepare for various exams, some help you learn a new skill, and some provide skill development courses.

Digital classroom
Khan Academy
The Academy
MyCBSE Guide
I doubt it
Coding Ninjas
Jigsaw Academy
Simple learning
The tutorial apps mentioned above work for both Android and ios. So any student who wants to learn, prepare for the entrance exam or want to develop his skills can choose these learning apps.

Online learning is a new era. We hope this article helps you improve online learning for both students and teachers.

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