Online Teaching Methods And Pedagogy Samurai Way

Online Teaching Methods And Pedagogy Samurai Way

Online Teaching Methods : Traditional teaching methods have been in practice for years. But with the advancement of technology even in the education sector, traditional teaching methods are being replaced by modern online teaching methods and pedagogy.

Following the trend of online learning, both teachers and students are getting the benefit of online learning methods and pedagogy. Teachers use many teaching methods and these teaching pedagogies can also be applied in online teaching systems. Teaching methods can vary according to various criteria such as objectives, subject matter, philosophy, and classroom demographics.

So when everything is online and teachers have also adopted online platforms to teach students, then they should know effective online teaching methods and pedagogy to facilitate communication and understanding.

Online Teaching Methods

Online teaching methods and pedagogy

Below are the most effective teaching strategies:


Presentation of content for study is used both in classroom teaching and in types of online education. The right presentation affects the students in a great way whether they are learning offline or online. Teachers only need to present information about a related subject and book in the form of a presentation.

When creating a good presentation, teachers can incorporate visuals such as images, GIFs, videos, etc. to make it followable and this way it is relatively easy to convey information to students. Students will be able to use the presentation for later purposes such as studying and revising the syllabus.

Several presentation tools are available to create a presentation:

Google presentation
Microsoft PowerPoint

Online whiteboard

Teachers can use online whiteboards for best practices in online teaching. In a virtual classroom setting, an online whiteboard helps them convey information and create a better connection between teachers and students. Online Whiteboard is a canvas where teachers can create diagrams, share pre-made templates and charts, create sketches, write, etc.

It works just like a school board, but it can digitize what teachers teach. It also allows them to re-share content. Teachers and students can also connect to the same canvas in real time and use it for various purposes such as mind mapping, interactive exercises, completing assignments, checking homework, brainstorming around lessons, providing feedback, etc.

Online Teaching Methods

Live online courses

With online classes, teachers don’t have to gather students in a classroom to teach them. Instead, they can lecture in real time through live online courses. Live online courses allow teachers and students to interact face-to-face and provide the same learning environment as in a classroom.

Teachers can use video conferencing apps and tools available online and connect with students to conduct regular classes. Live online courses break down barriers of reach and teachers can even connect with students who reside abroad. Online whiteboards in live online classes are engaging.

Teachers will need to use different teaching methods to engage students in a live online classroom, and for that they should be prepared for what they will be teaching. To prevent students from feeling passive during class, teachers should ask questions during and after class and allow students to answer. They should organize a discussion group that allows them to be actively involved. To make it more engaging and interesting, teachers should use posters, videos, visuals, graphic organizers, pictures, etc.

Educators should make sure not to cover the entire topic at once. Instead, break the topic into smaller chunks to make it digestible.

Pre-recorded video lectures

In the concept of Pre-Recorded Video Lectures, which is one of the suitable online teaching methods and pedagogy, lectures are already recorded and shared by students instead of live lectures. Some students find these online learning methods and pedagogies better than live online courses because it gives them the flexibility to attend a lecture on their own time.

Unlike live online courses, students can also use video for revision purposes and to clear their doubts. It reduces the work of teachers to repeat a concept if students do not understand.

Teachers should be aware of the following points when recording lectures:

Be prepared with your script.
In case you are not sure about uploading, try it once.
Videos should be recorded for a short time. Long videos take a long time to upload and are also boring. Students often skip them.
When recording, sit in a comfortable space and avoid distractions.

Online Teaching Methods

Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom concept is completely opposite to the traditional classroom concept. In this concept, students need to read and review the study material before the teacher teaches them. It is actually a reserving concept of real in the classroom where teachers teach and students study later.

Below are effective techniques for the flipped classroom concept:

Online quizzes
Mind maps or word clouds

Game-based learning

Students love games and never get bored while playing games. Game-based learning helps engage students in learning through games. This concept does not stress students, on the contrary, it increases their involvement in learning. Students who are not very good at studies may find this teaching method useful for learning and memorization.

To initiate game-based learning, teachers should ensure that students have access to the same type of data. With video conferencing tools, teachers start teaching, including games. Also, a chat facility should be open where students can ask questions.

Class blog

The class blog is an innovative concept that allows students to explore self-learning by blogging individually or as a group about what they have learned. This blog can be shared with other students to share knowledge. On the other hand, teachers can share their teaching materials on blogs.

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