Study Engineering in Austria Why I decided Part 1

study engineering in Austria Why I decided

still, also we’ve commodity in common, and hopefully by continuing to read about how I ended up in the small but amazing city of Villach, If you have analogous studies.
My life before studying abroad in Austria
As I mentioned ahead, I was born in Colombia. I lived with my family for 10 times in California, USA, because my parents wanted to search for the so- called” American Dream”. In the end, my mama decided that the stylish option for us was to return to Colombia, so at the age of 14, my family, mama , and I returned to Colombia, where I finished high academy and got my bachelorette’s degree.

Study Engineering

I lived in Colombia with my parents and youngish family. We’re a middle- class family- father worked in construction for numerous times and mama is an English schoolteacher. Growing up, my family and I had the musts and a little redundant, but we knew it was out of the question for our parents to pay for our academy freights and living charges abroad.

Of course, we always have their support no matter how big our dreams are, and that is further than enough for us. For this reason, I decided to do a bachelorette’s degree in environmental engineering in Colombia( while my thing at this point was to do a master’s in another country).

Study Engineering

I worked as an English schoolteacher for several times during and after my studies( since English is my mama lingo). It was a great job to save plutocrat. During this time, I began probing the operation processes, accommodation options, and legal attestation conditions of different countries, as well as openings to study engineering( specifically, environmental and geographic information systems).

At the end of this hunt, I narrowed it down to two countries- Austria and Germany.

also the big question was, how do I actually get to these countries? For me, the only option was to work as an Au- Brace to continue saving and eventually have that experience abroad.

Study Engineering

study environmental engineering in Austria Why we chose
Professionally, I demanded a country where I could combine my bachelorette’s degree in environmental engineering with my master’s degree in geoinformatics. After talking with my associates and preceptors, I realized how important Austria has to offer.
In general, Austria offers numerous openings for specialized scholars. Student jobs and externships are available at numerous companies, whether lower startups or larger established companies. further and further of these companies are using drones and remote seeing for husbandry and land use operation, furnishing fantastic openings to grow and put into practice everything we study.

There are also numerous metropolises like Salzburg that have a strong engineering community with frequent forums and summer seminaries.
Another reason why Austria is a great study abroad country for engineering scholars( or any other pupil) is how central the country is within Europe, allowing for trip to bordering countries during time-out.

Austria has offered me so numerous openings that it’ll not be easy to leave this beautiful country.

Study Engineering

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