Teaching Basic Requirements All Details

Teaching Basic Requirements

Teaching is a profession in which instructions are given to pupils especially at the primary, secondary or college level with the simple aim of making students learn. Teachers enable student learning by anticipating what and how the student will learn. So a teacher should know the basic requirement of teaching to teach students well.

Teachers teach with the responsibility and obligation to prepare students for various purposes. They start teaching students from pre-primary level to coaching level and their task as a college teacher has many dimensions. The dimensions include providing a broad context of knowledge and information within which their students can understand the content. It also involves creating a learning environment for students that encourages them to think critically and carefully so that they can express their ideas intelligently.


It also includes continuous monitoring of learning processes so that we know what students understand and where they need improvement.

Additionally, it includes helping students achieve their own goals. And they should adopt such concepts that are the basis of higher education: student learning requires commitment, work, responsibility for self-education and their willingness to take risks. The teacher should clearly understand the concept of teaching and the basic requirements.

Then the question arises, what is good or effective teaching? According to Smith, learning is ‘the consequence of experience’. Smith emphasizes the idea that education and teaching should be derived from “suitably nurturing experiences so that learning occurs naturally and inevitably”. He further states that every school should focus less on ‘talking about learning and teaching and more on doing’.

In 2003, Alton-Lee proposed a list of research-supported and clearly defined characteristics of quality teaching and what quality teaching should include:

Teaching will take place in such a way that it is focused on the student’s achievements.
Teaching should include pedagogical practices that can create caring, inclusive and cohesive learning communities.
There should be an effective connection between the school and the context related to the school’s cultural events.
Quality teaching is a sensitive phenomenon of students’ learning processes.
It offers effective and sufficient learning opportunities.
It should have multiple tasks and contexts supporting learning cycles.
It should have effectively aligned curriculum objectives.
Real feedback follows the task and student performance.
The method of pedagogy supports learning orientation, student self-regulation, thoughtful student discourse, etc.
By introducing goal-oriented assessment, teachers and students engage constructively.
The above-mentioned task for teachers is not really easy, and to achieve it, teachers must follow strict procedures. Teachers need to find ways of teaching that suit both the learner and the learner. Put another way, teachers should adopt such methods as will result in their goals, which include what teachers want their students to know, understand and appreciate.


The main task and goal of teachers is to provide guidance and training to students.
Thanks to effective teaching, interaction between the teacher and students can be established.
Teaching is the art of imparting knowledge to students in an effective and informative manner.
Science to educate about facts is learning. This causes different topics of different subjects.
Teaching is a continuous process because the teacher is always teaching the students.
If a teacher has skills in a particular subject, he can teach effectively with full confidence in that subject.
The teacher encourages his students to learn more and understand more over a longer period of time.
Teaching is not only a formal method but also an informal method to go for knowledge.
Teaching is an effective way of imparting information to students. During the lesson, the teacher conveys knowledge to the students in an interesting way. They make sure students fully understand.
Teaching is a tool that helps students adapt in society.

 Basic requirements

The basic teaching requirements are as follows:


In teaching, the teacher is the main source of knowledge that they pass on to students. They are innovators of information and knowledge. Teachers research, collect, create and impart knowledge and values ​​to students for their physical, mental, emotional and social development

Considering the teaching-learning process, the teacher knows exactly what is right and what is wrong for the student. A teacher works hard to master his subject so that he can teach students to bring about a positive change in their behavior. Due to modernization, the teacher should use technology in teaching.



After the teacher, the student is the most basic requirement of teaching. There must be a pupil whom the teacher teaches. Students depend on teachers because they are immature. They try to work hard to understand what their teachers are teaching them. They should be followers of teachers who listen to what their teachers ask them to do. Students can belong to any category be it primary schools, primary schools, secondary schools, senior secondary schools or colleges or universities.


What the teacher teaches and what the student learns is the topic or subject. The entire learning-teaching process revolves around the subject. Teachers decide on a topic and deliver it to students after gathering information and content about it.


Teaching has the main goal, which is the development of students. It can be possible when the teacher teaches in an appropriate environment and conducts the teaching-learning process in an appropriate environment.

These were the basic teaching requirements that a teacher must follow to teach students for better understanding and effective results.

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