University Specific Degree in Mental Health

University Specific Degree in Mental Health

University Specific Degree in Mental Health- Social Clinic- Online
The master’s degree provides advanced education at a high position of professional exposure. The study program is interdisciplinary, methodical and progressive; presents the artistic, scientific, and clinical knowledge demanded to address some of the major individual and social conflicts affecting internal health in the contemporary world. The interdisciplinary nature of the master’s degree is grounded on three constructive axes It provides a methodical and regular overview of the main sections of the clinic and treatment. It introduces the wisdom and affiliated knowledge to the clinic that enables exploration and interdisciplinary study at the internal health-social wisdom interface. It analyzes the main characteristics of some of the social discomforts of our time and provides the internal health professional with perspectives and practical tools for clinical intervention.

literacy and backing

TalentUnileon 2020 literacy
The TalentUnileon literacy are excellent literacy for transnational scholars who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at the University of León.

This program can be used by transnational scholars who attained a advanced average grade of at least 8 points out of 10 in their studies before carrying a degree or master’s degree.


About this institute

University of León

The University of León( ULe) is a public institution of advanced education and exploration innovated as an independent reality in 1979. It’s grounded in two premises , in the metropolises of León and Ponferrada, and the total number of scholars is presently,000, of which around,000 are transnational scholars from further than 50 different countries.

It offers a full range of undergraduate, master’s and postgraduate degrees acclimated to the European Higher Education Area in all fields of knowledge, organized in 10 different seminaries Engineering, Economics, Education, Languages and Philosophy, Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Law, Health lores, Mining Engineering and Agricultural Engineering. Every academy has libraries and IT apartments and there are central libraries in every lot. In addition, the university has a sports center, a language center, a Confucius and Camoes institute, cafes and numerous other installations.
The University of León complements its tutoring and exploration conditioning with a wide range of educational shops, university extension courses, artistic and sports conditioning, support for the creation of businesses, support for invention, transnational cooperation and exchange, work with youthful and old people. all this with the end of getting an integral part of our community.

ULe has strong ties with institutions and companies with further than,400 agreements and cooperation fabrics and has inked bilateral exchange agreements with prestigious universities from further than 40 countries.
Why study at the University of León


Research Teaching

Prestigious experimenters involved in perfecting literacy.
Spanish is stylish spoken
In León, Spanish has nearly no accentuation and isn’t told by other cants. You’ll hear beautifully spoken Spanish in our thoroughfares.

The stylish saved art
You’ll be in contact with cultural treasures of all times from Roman remains to 21st century armature, and you won’t forget the fabulous passage to Santiago.

transnational diversity

We want you to fit into our company and at the same time enjoy a truly transnational atmosphere.

Buddy Program( Padrino Program)
Let your padrino show you around. He’ll be your stylish counsel and companion.
Budget target
Living in León is relatively affordable and you can walk or cycle around the megacity and there are plenitude of affordable rest conditioning.

Nature and adventure

Enjoy skiing, touring, mountain climbing and numerous other adventure conditioning that our fiefdom has to offer.

” Oficina verde” promotes sustainability and a healthy life free use of bikes, cooking shops, recycling,etc.

The Universidad de León is now part of the European University for Sustainable product and Responsible Consumption( Eureca- PRO)

An accessible university
All structures are accessible and there’s a specific executive unit to inform and help scholars with specific requirements.


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